Frequently Asked Questions

How does LegalVault work?

LegalVault is a secure document exchange and storage system which allows you to store all of the documents you’ve worked hard to prepare for your clients. Your clients can retrieve these documents 24/7/365, helping to eliminate the many requests for replacement documents that your office receives on a regular basis.

Each of your clients will receive an Emergency Access Wallet Card with key medical information and instructions for healthcare providers, allowing them to securely retrieve advance directives. These wallet cards contain your firm’s branding and contact information, ensuring clients are continuously reminded of the great value that you offer. 

How do I create a new client account?

You can enroll a new client in LegalVault through your firm’s Client Manager in a matter of minutes, or if you prefer us to take the lead on enrollments, simply fax over the enrollment form with any healthcare directives to be stored and we’ll set it up for you, at no extra charge to your firm.

Can clients upload documents?

Clients can also securely upload documents (both healthcare and legal/financial) to their accounts. Your office can then login and retrieve these documents, making LegalVault a great exchange system. This eliminates the need to rely on other, less secure, forms of document transmission such as fax or email.

Is there a storage limit?

There are absolutely no storage limits so your firm can store as many documents as desired. Each uploaded file can be up to 25MB.

How secure is it?

LegalVault's secure architecture is similar to that used by banks for online transactions. LegalVault employs a HIPAA-Compliant Socket Layer (SSL) connection and has many safeguards in place, such as IP logging and automatic access email notifications, to ensure your clients continuously have peace of mind.

Is LegalVault HIPAA compliant?

Although LegalVault is not a covered entity under HIPAA regulations, LegalVault voluntarily complies with its requirements.

What do you do for backup?

LegalVault uses enterprise-class backup technology with multiple levels of redundancy, including encrypted off-site backups, to protect your clients’ important data and documents.

Can an individual purchase this service?

No, LegalVault only provides this service through sponsoring law firms. Unlike other advance directive storage services, we work for the firms we serve, we don’t compete against them. We never give out any pricing information to individuals, allowing our clients to price the service as they see fit.  If individuals do contact us to sign up, we simply provide them with contact information for a sponsoring law firm in their area of the country. That’s right, when you sign up, we’ll also become a free referral source.

How easy is it to use? Will it require a great deal of work for my firm?

LegalVault was designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind. The interface is intuitive and was actually designed by a group of attorneys and law firm administrators. Both small and large firms find that using LegalVault is easy and can actually save time in the long-run. Adding a new client only takes a few minutes, while adding an entire estate plan is as simple as adding an attachment to an email message.

LegalVault also generates editable correspondence to make managing the accounts more efficient. These documents include:

  • Client enrollment form for your firm
  • Accompanying letter for Emergency Access Wallet Cards
  • Introduction letter containing the client’s user name and password
  • Informational letter about the service from your firm to clients’ physicians (automatically faxed by LegalVault with the click of a button)

When enrolling with LegalVault, your firm will have a live, one-on-one orientation of the Client Manager. If you ever have any questions of concerns about any aspect of LegalVault, you will have direct access to our top notch customer support team.

What is the pricing structure like?

There is a low one-time enrollment fee to get started with the service, and then you pay as you go. We have several subscription options which vary based on the length of the service. Currently, we allow firms to enroll clients for 1, 3, 5 or 7 year subscriptions.

Do I have to enroll a minimum number of clients?

Your firm is not required to enroll a minimum number of clients. Simply enroll as many clients as you like on an as-needed basis.

How many firms offer this service?

Over one hundred estate planning firms around the country offer this service to clients.

Can I include this service as part of my maintenance program?

Absolutely! This is a great addition to a maintenance program as it helps to deliver something of tangible value and keeps you in touch with your clients throughout the year. Some of the firms we work with even offer this service as a standalone ad-on for clients, who after the estate planning process, won’t pay for the entire maintenance program but will pay a smaller annual fee for LegalVault.

What happens if a client who has been enrolled in LegalVault passes away?

One of the great benefits for account holders is the ability to provide loved ones with post-mortem access and spare them with the much dreaded asset treasure hunt which happens far too often. When a client passes away, LegalVault will work with the sponsoring law firm to securely shut down the account and provide those individuals listed as having post-mortem access with all of the information and documents stored in the account at the time of the account holder’s death. 

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