About LegalVault

Traditional directive storage systems have long provided clients the option to store only healthcare- related documents for retrieval by medical personnel in the event of an emergency. These basic services have failed to provide individuals and law firms with comprehensive storage and accessibility options allowing them to view both healthcare and non-healthcare related documents at their convenience. To address these limitations, our team of attorneys, software developers, digital security experts, doctors, and law firm administrators developed an innovative storage system.

Today, LegalVault serves as one of the most powerful document exchange tools for law firms and their clients.  A unique, two-tier access system allows hospitals to view only healthcare-related information and documents while individuals have full access to all their critical documents, asset information and much more.  Your LegalVault account can be accessed from any operating system with an internet connection meaning you always have your most important documents at your fingertips.

In addition to its advanced technology and flexible user options, LegalVault also provides unparalleled client service. Should you ever have any questions regarding your account , our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you. 

LegalVault is a service of Zola Media LLC which is also the creator of Zola Suite, a cloud-based practice management system for law firms. 

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