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Advanced Document Storage System

Secure | Easy to Use | Flexible | Seamless Integration with Zola Creative-Designed Website

Zola Creative’s LegalVault® is an advanced document storage and exchange system which allows your firm to easily and securely archive client documents and vital information for convenient retrieval by clients, advisors, healthcare providers and authorized heirs and administrators.

Store More than Just Documents…

  • Client name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Location of original copies of documents
  • Names of persons to be contacted in case of emergency
  • Allergies and medications taken
  • Physician information

Easy Document Storage…

  • Your firm can store an unlimited number of documents of any type with optional date and description fields.
  • Documents can be marked as “HealthCare-Related” and can be accessible using a secure PIN number by hospitals or other authorized healthcare providers. This assures that non-healthcare-related documents containing private client information will not unnecessarily be available to healthcare providers.
  • All other documents are accessible by your clients using a User Name and Password.
  • Automatic conversion to Adobe® PDF format from Microsoft® Word for enhanced portability and accessibility.
  • Clients can log in to their personal LegalVault account and add additional documents of any type such as deeds, policy statements and tax returns.

Use for Secure Document Exchange…

  • LegalVault's secure architecture is an ideal platform for transmission of sensitive documents.
  • Significantly safer than sending documents via fax or email attachment.
  • Clients have the option to automatically send an email notice to your firm when uploading new documents to their LegalVault account.

Enhanced Marketing Opportunity…

  • Clients log into their LegalVault® account directly on your firm’s website with uniform look and feel of the rest of the pages on your website.
  • Healthcare “Wallet Cards” prominently feature firm name, logo and contact information.
  • Offer your clients a unique service which they will rely on for years to come.

Special HealthCare Document Features…

  • Automatically generates a high quality “wallet card” design with custom content for each client such as allergies and emergency contact information which can be printed by your firm on special Avery® Laminated Cards.
  • Hospitals can log in using secure PIN to obtain all healthcare related documents such as living will, healthcare power of attorney, organ donation forms as well as a cover page which includes names and addresses of the client’s physicians, medication listings, allergies and emergency contact information.
  • HealthCare documents can be retrieved directly from your firm’s website or on

Security & Backup…

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.
  • IP Logging and email notices to clients every time clients’ LegalVault account is accessed.
  • Advanced backup technology protecting your clients’ data.

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