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Monday, September 21, 2015

One iPhone Feature May Help Doctors Find Your LegalVault Information Much Faster

Last year, Apple introduced a digital Medical ID for iPhone users with the rollout of the iOS 8 mobile operating system. This feature, which is part of the phone’s default Health App, allows users to store key medical information on the device, including medical conditions, medical notes, allergies, medications, emergency contact, blood type, height and weight. This information can be shown even if the phone is locked giving healthcare providers immediate access in the event of an emergency.

While this app may help in true emergency situations, it isn’t without its risks. Should you lose your phone, the recipient will be able to easily see this information. In using LegalVault in conjuction with this app             , however, you may be able to add another level of protection while still reaping the benefits of the app. Much like the app, LegalVault stores all of your healthcare data (and important documents) on a secure server. Rather than post all of these details to your phone, consider using the app to contain one emergency contact and a single note to providers explaining that they should check your wallet for your LegalVault card. Even if your phone is left on a counter at the local coffee shop, the finder won’t be able to access this data without the card which is safely tucked away in your wallet. This two-step process ensures extra security while helping to guide healthcare providers to LegalVault, the ultimate resource where they can access your healthcare directives and critical information all in one central location.

Unlike the app, LegalVault also notifies you whenever an individual or facility has accessed your confidential medical data, giving you greater control and peace of mind.  

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