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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Uses LegalVault?

LegalVault is a service that was designed to serve estate planning firms and their clients. We are often asked what our average user looks like. Most are quick to assume that it is the large law firms that charge top dollar for their estate planning services. They also assume that most users are seniors. Both of these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, our Sponsoring Law Firms vary greatly in terms of size and location. Some are solo practitioners who understand the value of digital storage and emergency access, and know that a service like LegalVault is a tremendous resource. Others are estate planning practice groups from very large firms who are also continually looking for innovative solutions that provide additional value to clients even after the estate planning process has been completed.

In terms of users, our client base consists of men and women of all ages, not just seniors. LegalVault is a great resource for college students who are venturing away from home for the first time and want their parents notified immediately in the event of an emergency. Others are young adults who want to make certain their children are taken care of and others are seniors who are spending their golden years travelling the world and find comfort in LegalVault, knowing their important documents are just a click away.

Interested in learning more about this great service and whether it is right fit for your law firm or family? Contact us today.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Them Coming Back to Your Website

Many attorneys spend thousands of dollars each year to drive traffic to their websites, both in the form of new and return visitors. They invest in expensive Pay per Click campaigns, advertise in the local newspaper and write weekly articles to keep content fresh and encourage visitors to return (and tell their friends). While LegalVault’s primary goal is not to drive people to your website, it is a nice fringe benefit. You see, once your firm signs up for LegalVault, clients will be able to access their accounts directly through your website. Each time a client needs to make an update or wants to show a loved one something within the account, they will visit your site. With the right layout and calls to action, you can easily highlight upcoming events, recent publications and even relevant services (like your Maintenance Program) to these visitors.

Similarly, healthcare providers can access a client’s advance directives through your website (listed on the back of the Emergency Access Wallet Cards), bringing new visitors who might not have heard of your firm directly to your virtual storefront. As an estate planning attorney, you might consider developing a section on “Asset Protection Services for Medical Professionals” or a white paper exploring the advance directives used in your state. These types of resources appeal directly to the visitor. And while they likely won’t have time to explore these dedicated pages while they’re treating your client, they very well may bookmark the site to return when they have some personal time to review and digest the information.

When a new visitor arrives at your site, they’ll also see the LegalVault login portal. A supplemental page that explains what this service is and how it delivers great value to your clients can help to distinguish your firm from competitors. LegalVault offers captivating content that helps to educate clients, doctors and prospective clients alike.

To learn more about enhancing your website, and your practice, with LegalVault, contact us at 877-269-0076. 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Always a resource. Never a competitor.

At LegalVault, we work with law firms to help them better serve their clients. Unlike many other advance directive storage systems, we don’t “sell” this service to individuals. Instead, we’ve created a system where sponsoring law firms have the opportunity to enroll and provide this benefit to the individuals and families they serve.

We’re often asked why we don’t market the service directly to individuals. The answer is rather simple; we understand the unique relationship of trust and respect that exists between estate planning attorneys and their clients, and it seems only natural to us that the law firm that delivers peace of mind with the completion of an estate plan, also deliver this service which offers round the clock access to these important documents.

What does this mean for a law firm?
It simply means that we’re not competing against you to get your clients enrolled in the service. It also gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to how you will bill for the service and incorporate it into your unique estate planning process. And since we do only allow law firms to enroll clients in LegalVault, it is a service that allows you to stand out in the community.

We also understand that the attorney-client relationship can change over the years, and often ends when a client moves away or seeks legal counsel with another firm. When it comes time to renew an account, the law firm can easily do so or for those clients who have moved on to another firm, they can renew directly through LegalVault. When a sponsoring firm no longer works with a former client, and the client elects to renew directly through LegalVault, the firm will no longer have access to the uploaded documents or data.

What does this mean for an individual user?
As an individual, your trusted attorney will work with you to get your account all set up and make sure that your estate planning documents have been uploaded. You will then receive a secure user name and password from the firm allowing you to sign in 24/7/365. If you need help with your account, you can always call on your sponsoring law firm or the LegalVault technical support team.

If you are not yet working with an attorney who offers this great service, you can use our LegalVault locater tool to find a local law firm that provides this service to clients in your community.

Friday, January 31, 2014

LegalVault As A Marketing Tool

Attorneys spend thousands of dollars each year developing marketing campaigns which will help them stand out. While LegalVault is not a marketing tool per se, it does provide firms with a plethora of marketing opportunities. Here’s how:

A Unique Tangible Benefit
Attorneys can deliver a tangible benefit by offering a service like LegalVault through which clients can store all of their most important legal documents, virtual passwords and healthcare directives. Once a client is enrolled in LegalVault, he or she will receive an Emergency Access Wallet Card which allows healthcare providers to access the client’s advance directives 24/7/365. In addition to leaving your office with their completed documents, clients walk away from the estate planning process with their LegalVault account information and peace of mind knowing that, with this investment in the future, their wishes will be honored during their lifetime and beyond.

Top of Mind Marketing Benefits
Many firms struggle to keep in touch with clients once the initial estate planning process is complete. LegalVault provides you with an ongoing strategy to keep you connected to clients. Each time, a client logs into his account through your website or opens his wallet and sees his emergency access wallet card with your firm’s logo, he is reminded of the great value that YOU offer.

Your Name Out in the Medical Community
LegalVault allows you to send out an introductory fax to each of your clients’ physicians in a matter of minutes, generating greater exposure amongst medical providers throughout your community

If you need help leveraging the many marketing benefits of LegalVault, please call on our team of experts.

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