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Monday, March 1, 2010

LegalVault--The perfect accessory to any maintenance plan.

As all estate planning attorneys will attest, estate plans must be continually updated as financial and family circumstances change. To meet this ongoing need, many estate planning law firms offer a maintenance program for their clients to ensure all documents are up to date and continue to meet individual needs as well as changes in state and federal laws. 

While the specifics of a maintenance program can differ from firm to firm, most generally include an annual review of all documents, any necessary amendments to the documents, free workshops and phone consultations to address any concerns clients may have.

If your firm offers such a maintenance plan, LegalVault® is well suited to work with you and your clients in the exchange and storage of estate planning documents. Here are just a few ways in which this advanced document storage system may help you offer more value and convenience to your clients:

Secure Document Exchange All Year Round
If a client’s financial situation does change, he or she will have to send you new documentation which may include tax returns, account statements, asset summaries, etc. Of course, they may submit the information via fax or email but these methods are far from secure and should not be relied on when transmitting highly confidential information. 

With LegalVault®, your clients may easily log in to their secure account right through your firm’s website and upload any documents. As soon as the upload has been completed, your firm will receive email notification allowing you to log in to your Client Manager and safely download the document. 

Convenient Retrieval of Amended Documents In Just Minutes
When you update your clients plan, you will most likely provide them with updated copies of the documents for their records. This can easily be done electronically using LegalVault®. Uploading a document takes less than a minute and your clients can easily download these items at anytime from any location by logging into their LegalVault® accounts.

Flexible Healthcare Wallet Card Options
LegalVault® also allows you to store healthcare directives and critical medical information for all subscribers. Should one of your clients require emergency medical care, they can present the treating healthcare professional with a personalized wallet card with emergency contact, medical information and detailed instructions on accessing healthcare directives online or via fax.

Over time, emergency contacts, medical conditions and healthcare directives inevitably change; LegalVault® allows you or your clients to easily make these changes and even gives you the ability to print an updated card right from the comfort of your office at no extra charge. Each card contains your firm’s logo to make sure that your firm and this valuable service you offer remains on your clients’ minds.

Offering convenience, peace of mind, and security, LegalVault® is the perfect accessory to any Maintenance Plan. Contact us to learn more about incorporating this valuable tool into your practice.

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