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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Electronic Storage Is Not Just for Health Care Directives Anymore

Storing health care directives for clients is not a new concept. For several years, various companies have provided this service to law firms, allowing them to fax in their clients’ health care directives to be stored for access by medical personnel in emergency situations. This service is undoubtedly valuable but fails to provide the complete package to law firms…allowing them to upload, exchange and store health care and non-health care related documents with clients.

LegalVault® has all of the perks of the traditional storage systems but can also house your clients’ non-medical information. In just a few minutes, your clients can have access to their most important documents right from your firm’s website.

We are occasionally asked why this is necessary and we could go on for hours but here are just a few examples of when such technology might come in handy from your clients:

  • A client learns that he will need emergency surgery late one evening, but does not have time to get to the safety deposit box where the originals are stored and your office is closed for the weekend. With LegalVault®, he can always log right in to obtain health care directives on the spot.  
  • One of your clients is travelling and his passport is lost. He previously uploaded a copy of the document to his LegalVault account allowing him to login and download the file to present to the local embassy.
  • A client wants to send you her 2009 tax return for review but does not feel comfortable emailing over a copy. She can simply login to her LegalVault® account and upload a copy of the document for secure exchange with your office.
  • One of your older clients is visiting an adult son out of state. She planned to discuss her recently completed estate plan with him and give him a copy for safekeeping but forgot to pack the documents. With just a few clicks, she can access all of her planning documents and have that important conversation with him regarding her end of life wishes and the distribution of her estate after her passing.

We can all think of situations where we needed a document that was not readily accessible. These situations are stressful but, with new technology, they can be easily avoided. With LegalVault®, you can make sure your clients are always prepared with all of their legal documents securely stored with a company they trust--your law firm.

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