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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Emergency Preparedness that Makes Sense

We’ve all heard the tips from the emergency preparedness experts: list an emergency contact in your cell phone under the acronym “ICE”, place a list of medications in your glove compartment and/or your refrigerator and give your neighbors a set of keys in case police need emergency access to your home. And while this advice is valuable in some cases, in the event of true emergency, when you’re unconscious and unable to convey information to a healthcare provider, it’s unlikely that a glove compartment will be checked or your refrigerator raided for that critical information.

Generally if you’re unconscious or unable to communicate, the first thing healthcare providers want to know is your identity so they can begin the treatment process and contact loved ones. In most cases, a wallet and government identification is the first thing they’ll look for but even once they have your name, it doesn’t mean it will be easy to find your loved ones. It may be days or weeks before anyone is located.

With LegalVault’s Emergency Access Wallet Card, the guessing game for healthcare providers is solved. This card includes your name, emergency contact details, allergies and any note you wish to provide (blood type, doctor’s name and number, pressing medical condition, etc). You will also be sent small stickers which can be placed on your driver’s license and insurance card so doctors know to look for the information if they haven’t already stumbled upon it. Once they have the card, healthcare providers can access any medical information and stored advance directives so you can be certain that your wishes for treatment are respected and upheld.

To get started with LegalVault, contact us for a list of sponsoring law firms in your area that provide this invaluable service.

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