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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Protecting Your Furry Friends

The goal of estate planning is to preserve your legacy and protect your loved ones. For many pet lovers in the United States, this also means making plans for their pets’ care if they should pass away unexpectedly. Estate planning attorneys regularly work with individuals to create pet trusts which outline who should care for the beloved companions and often designate funds to cover their expenses. 

While pet trusts can be an effective vehicle to protect your pets over the long-term, what would happen to them if you were in a serious accident and didn’t return home at your regular time? Would your loved ones even think to take Fido out? Would they know about his sensitive stomach or the heartworm pill that he has to take each month? Would they know who his vet is and when his next vaccination is due? In most cases, the answer is no.

LegalVault is a great way to provide this information to your loved ones and ensure that your furry friend is cared for immediately, if you become incapacitated or pass away suddenly. The LegalVault Emergency Access Wallet Card allows you to include a note where you can alert healthcare providers and remind loved ones that your pet is at home and in need of care. With the ability to upload any type of document to your account, you can upload all of Fido’s medical records, diet information, care instructions and even include details on his unique sleeping habits or obsession with chewing socks. 

As a pet owner, you understand that there is a lot of responsibility which comes with caring for an animal. Planning for their continued well-being in the event of your absence is one of those responsibilities. Contact your estate planning attorney today to learn more about LegalVault and how it can help to keep your cherished pet safe and happy. 

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