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Monday, September 9, 2013

What medications are you taking?

Many Americans take multiple medications for an array of conditions each day. If you’ve been to a new doctor or the emergency room in the past few months, you’ve likely been asked to supply this information during the intake process. Many people make a list of all medications and keep it in their wallets. And while this may be helpful when you are able to relay this information, what were to happen if you were incapacitated and unable to share these critical details. Do your loved ones know everything you take? Do they know the schedule of your medications?

LegalVault allows you to securely store all of your medications, along with the dosage and frequency, in one convenient location. When provided with your Emergency Access Wallet Card, a doctor can see this list so there is no question as to what medications you’re taking. If you have any allergies to medications which are commonly administered in the emergency room (e.g. morphine, penicillin, etc), this information will also be included on the wallet card, ensuring that your medical team has a complete picture of what can and cannot be given during the course of treatment.

Adding or removing a medication only takes a few moments so you can keep your account up to date as your health changes over time. Find a sponsoring firm near you to take advantage of this great storage solution.

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