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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Notifying Healthcare Providers of Your Wishes

When most people list the benefits of their LegalVaullt subscriptions, emergency access to all of their advance directives and healthcare information is at the top of their lists. This great tool allows enrolled clients to store emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions, medications, physician contact information and advance directives in one secure online location which can be accessed by a medical professional in the event of an emergency. Very often, we’re asked, “how will a doctor know about my LegalVault account if I’m unable to communicate?”

During the development process, our team spent months perfecting the process, and consulted countless medical professionals to devise an ideal solution. Generally speaking, if you are unable to communicate when taken to a hospital, after an accident or illness, the staff will try to identify you by finding a photo ID in your wallet. To ensure that they are made aware of your LegalVault account once they find your identification, we’ve created durable wallet card stickers which adhere to your driver’s license (and health insurance card) to notify the hospital staff of the account. This sticker tells the staff to look for your LegalVault Emergency Access Wallet Card( which we recommend you keep next to your license).

The Emergency Access Wallet Card has also been optimized for maximum visibility in a crowded wallet with a bright red ribbon which spans the top and prominently states “Emergency Access to Health Care Directives” with a universal caduceus. Upon retrieving the card, the doctor will immediately see two or three emergency contacts whom they may call, a list of any allergies and a personalized note. They will also find instructions on retrieving your complete medical information and advance directives using a 24/7 fax back service or logging in securely online. When accessing your account, the doctor will see only that information which you have uploaded to the healthcare section.

To learn more about having greater peace of mind with 24/7/365 access to your most important healthcare information and advance directives, locate a law firm provider in your area.


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